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Welcome to EBS - Pay-as-you-go Energy Management

Are you missing out on an opportunity?  You want to know how to reduce energy costs but don't want the
expense of employing a full time Energy Manager. You are short of time as need to work on day-to-day
business - every day that goes by is another day of high energy bills. Does this sound familiar?

We offer an easy and cost effective way to obtain the benefits of having an Energy Manager without having
the costs and risks of a full time employee. A reliable service for a monthly fee of just £60.  Try it for 12
months and see what you can achieve.  We expect that after 12 months your energy bills will be reduced by
a typical 30%.

After that you may decide to take on a full time employee of to continue using our service.   So........

Steps to Rapid Savings :

1. Reduce your electricity rate with no hassle - just give us a call. We will sort out the rest.

2. Let us carry out a free survey of your business to create your own personalised Energy Opportunity
Plan (EOP). This will give you the road-map to make organised and prioritised change to save energy
in the long term. This will include a thermal image picture of your business.

3. Let us support you with the latest information, knowledge  and technology to continue making savings
and achieve your best energy position for your business.

In addition, you will get to find out :

Take a closer look at some of the things we can do.

Look inside your energy world. We will plug your business in for free.

You can benefit from tax efficient investment, generate income streams and funding
opportunities and p
rotect your business from increases in energy prices and future
carbon taxes.


Find out how you compare to other businesses and what your opportunitites are to get ahead.
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